The Best Buy of Home Security Cameras

Save home and money concept 186331067Whether you live on the beach, in the inner city, or in a gated community away from it all home security is perfect for you. The real brilliance of home security is that no matter what your situation there really are customized options for your very own home security camera system. Building or buying your own home security camera package is an important process that requires time and research. In order to help save you time we did some of the work for you answering this essential question, “what is the security camera best buy” or in other words, “how can you get the best bang for your buck”? Here are a few suggestions that will help you know what makes a great camera and what makes a not-so-great camera for home security.

Image Features

While resolution is an important part of camera ranking, and you should make sure you’re getting great resolution in your camera, at least 720p– we’re not actually talking about your generic image resolution. Many devices actually have additional image features such as color footage instead of black & white, motion activated surveillance, and low-light infrared ability. With these features you’ll get an image that provides you with the most useful information available and offers continual coverage of your entries night and day.


Suburban homes 180931216Let’s face it, a camera that requires 7 hours of installation or a professional technician who has to visit multiple times to get everything set up just right, isn’t the camera of convenience. Your security system really should be accessible and convenient to use. Cameras like NetGear’s VueZone or Belkin’s NetCam are supposed to be incredibly convenient to use and relatively cheap.

DVR, NVR Or Whatever You Prefer

Whether it’s Digital video recording, network video recording or some other database form of recording it is important that you have a large capacity drive on which to preserve your footage for playback viewing. The bigger the resolution of your camera the more space it’s going to take up on a hard drive.

Remote Accessibility

Top among the many options for cameras today are cameras that will allow for the homeowner to access their surveillance remotely. Remote home control 178895291Don’t settle for less than this because it’s so easy these days to get great remote monitoring for your phone. With remote access you can be alerted if anyone nears your entries while you are away or you can check in on your home when you want to whether or not you’re there.

With the right features mentioned above you can enjoy quality images and access via an easy to use security camera system. Top on the list of home security camera best buy options are the Lorex security camera system and Security Labs with a 4-year warranty. These camera systems offer ease of use, your camera features such as infrared video in low light and high-resolution images. They come with great tech support options and of course your remote access. When you shop for security camera systems most important of all is that you get the image and coverage you’re looking for. It’s always a good idea to let a professional help you devise a customized plan that will work best for your home as long as you make sure they answer your questions and you are satisfied you’re getting the surveillance access you’re hoping for.