How to Choose the Right Home Security Camera DVR System

Here at Home Security Florida we’re concerned with helping you in finding the right elements of the home security camera system to provide great protection for your needs specifically. One of the essential elements of this security system is of course going to be your security cameras, but believe it or not many professionals will argue the most important element of such a system is the video recorder you choose to use in your package. Let’s talk about what you need to look for in a video recorder to determine which equipment package will be the best system for your budget and home.

Stand Alone or PC Based

19-08-3 copyOne of the main elements of the video recording device that you choose to use in your home system is the function of this system. These days there are two types of devices that you can choose from, the first being stand alone systems and the second being PC based systems.

Standalone DVR systems are systems that were created for the singular purpose of recording and compressing your video information so that you can access it on demand. These systems are cheaper than PC based systems because they ultimately have one function only. They contain the components of the operating system within the hardware not as software. Your stand alone DVR is going to be self-contained. Also it does not run on a Windows operating system so it’s protected from most viruses and hackers. PC based systems are preferred only if you would like extra features such as programs that can run facial ID or license plate recognition. The general PC based system can be either a program simply run off your personal computer or a tower designed specifically for running your DVR, but these are more expensive. Perhaps the biggest downfall of the PC DVR is in the case of a failure of the software you can lose the entire program.

When deciding between the two it might be easiest to determine if you will want to use the extra programs for facial or license plate recognition. If not then a stand along DVR should do the job very well for you.

Resolution and Frame Rate

Next, when selecting your DVR system you’ll want to determine what resolution you want to record in and what resolution you want to display in. Security Camera or CCTV isolate on white background 478836331These are not actually the same thing. Most systems will always provide your live display in 780p and at 30 frames per second, these days although some of the higher end systems such as HD-SDI systems will stream live feed in 1080p. But when it comes to recording the information on the DVR many systems try to save space by recording the feed in a lower resolution and frame rate. The problem is, if a burglary occurs the usefulness of that footage is contingent upon the amount of information stored. So try looking for the highest resolution possible on the DVR you choose (704p -720p), but remember, the more resolution you have the more expensive the unit.


The final element to consider in your DVR purchase is the compression engine. The better the compression the more storage your DVR has available. This is because a compression driver is responsible for removing from the information stored everything frame to frame that is repeated or unchanging and storing the changes. The best compression is H.264 which boasts sometimes as much as 40% more storage than a JPEG compression engine.