4 Reasons to Control Home Security Systems with Your Phone

Home security systems are wonderful inventions, cameras and monitors have developed wildly over the past century and these days we enjoy some of the greatest innovations of the past decades to make our lives safer and more convenient. This is exactly why there is really no reason to continue living without a security system defending you, your family, and your home. Businessman pushing virtual security button 452081415With the ravenous growth of security technology many things are becoming cheaper than ever before. Plus with professional companies dedicated to providing 24 hour monitoring and fantastic customer service as well as the ability to utilize home security camera iPhone apps there’s very little burden in having a great home security system. Here are 5 reasons you should take advantage of the ability to control your home security system with your phone.

Reason 1: Monitor Friend and Foe from Afar

Let’s be honest, it’s AWESOME to have the ability to literally click the app on your phone and check to see if your kids got home safely and inside without any trouble. Plus with the remote apps that iPhones can use these days home security cameras and sensor can notice movement and notify you allowing you to look and see what’s going on without even being home. If a burglar is trying to break in you can send for law enforcement, if the kids forgot their key you can let them in. Which leads to reason #2-

Reason 2: Electronically Lock and Unlock the Home

In the past a small metal key was the only way to gain entry into a home. Recently technology has devised electronic keys and locks; and with home automation these a door can be locked or unlocked from miles away. No longer do you need to stress about forgetting to lock the front or back door, with the touch of a button the lock can click into place. At the same time if you were away from home and someone needed to get in the only option was to wait until help arrived. Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771Now whether it’s a child forgetting the key or an unexpected guest waiting for you at home you can unlock the door and let them in to make themselves comfortable before you get back.

Reason 3: Convenient Comfort

Just take a moment and try to devise a logical excuse as to why you wouldn’t want to be able to turn on the A/C on your way home from work so it’s cool when you get there. Or turn up the heater when the weather takes a turn for the worst so your family comes home to cozy warmth.  When it gets dark you can turn on the lights and if someone left one on you can turn it right back off. With home automation systems you can enjoy these conveniences easily.

Reason 4: Arm and Disarm From Anywhere

The biggest failure of home security systems happens to have very little to do with the system themselves. It turns out most people who get robbed when they have a security system installed tend to have forgotten to arm the system before leaving. With complete control over the system you can arm and disarm it when you’re away. What better guarantee is there that you’ll optimize the use of your home security system.

We hope you’ll decide to take advantage of everything home automation security camera systems can bring to you by learning what coverage a customized system would provide you.