Home Security Cameras And You!



Home security is incredibly important to us as Americans. Defending our right to protect the American dream has come to mean that security systems in the home are pretty standard. In the year 2009 Americans spent nearly 30 BILLION dollars on home security. That’s a lot of money going into a system where you’re often hit or miss about getting great service. Here at Home Security Florida we understand the desire to protect your life at home while you’re in the sun and surf. We hope that we can help you gain that basic education on security so that you can find the right security for your needs.

Picking the Right Devices

You will find here among these pages information encompassing the devices that make a security system successful. It is important to understand what your options are before you make any decisions regarding the pieces you bring into your home for protection. Great home security is not only going to be convenient for you, but will also be user-friendly enough that you are able to control the system on your own. Picking the right cameras, video recording system, motion sensors, window sensors, life safety devices- and more can seem daunting. But this can be most easily balanced if you utilize a budget. Determine what your needs are one camera, four cameras, or 16 cameras, it doesn’t matter which you choose, but this will affect how you can utilize your budget. Of course it’s important to remember that you’ll get the quality you pay for. If you’re going to be stingy with money you’re not going to get the best protection on the market.

Home Security Camera Laws in Florida

1257832_97691437Every state is different. Generic home security camera laws often address the rules of whom you can monitor with your cameras, when you can monitor them, and where you can monitor them. The home security camera laws Florida has given to homeowners include restrictions on the use of hidden cameras and audio use. It is important to understand that as a homeowner you may have a private security camera system to protect your property, but these devices cannot infringe upon your neighbors rights, or any one you hire in your home as well. Nanny cams are legal as long as your employee understand that you may be surveilling them. However it is NOT legal to film in areas generally considered “private” areas, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. Also it is not ever considered legal to record the audio conversations of parties who do not consent to this recording. Though in other states it is legal if you have “single party permission” Florida requires that both parties be made aware of the recording for it to be legal.

Choose to be Protected

A final decision that must be made no matter how you choose to be protected (16 cameras or 1) is who will do the installation and monitoring. Many people are all about DIY home improvement these days. While this is empowering, it may not be the best way to ensure your home is getting the protection you need. Unless you are well versed in wiring electrical systems throughout your home it’s a good idea to choose experts who will install your system and help you monitor, to make sure you’ve got protection 24 hours a day. Simply call 866-565-4305 to speak with a professional about your options for great home security camera systems.